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Best of 2014 Runner-up for Best Fine Jewelry – John S Brana Handmade Jewelry

San Francisco, CA — Jewelry designer John S. Brana has announced that his eponymous collection of handmade fine jewelry has been selected as a runner-up winner for the 2014 Best of the Bay Area A-List. This marks his fifth honor in the Best Fine Jewelry category.

The Bay Area A-List is a website that awards Bay Area businesses honors in 168 categories. Winners are determined based on the tabulation of more than 37,000 votes from local residents and industry experts. Winners are given a web page to promote their products and services, and new results are published annually.

In the 2014 Best of the Bay Area A-List Awards, Brana’s designer jewelry collection received Runner-up Award – Best Fine Jewelry, ranking in second place out of 45 local San Francisco handmade jewelry collections in the Fine Jewelry category. His handmade fine jewelry line won Runner-Up awards in 2010 and 2013 and was named a Finalist in the Fine Jewelry category in 2012.

The line of designer jewelry made from copper, aluminum, fine silver and gold received the Best Designer Jewelry Award in 2008.  On John S Brana’s Handmade Jewelry profile page of the Bay Area A-List Awards, more than 35 voters are quoted, describing the quality craftsmanship and unique designs of the John S. Brana Jewelry Collection.

John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry is a collection of fine jewelry produced in San Francisco. The pieces in the collection are handcrafted from a variety of precious metals, including fine silver, sterling silver, copper, gold and aluminum. Embellishments like freshwater pearls and faceted gemstones are used in many pieces and are all hand-selected to ensure that every piece is of high quality. Designs are inspired by natural elements from the texture of tree bark to the colors of flowers. Pieces are sold online at

John S. Brana is the artist behind the collection and the owner of the jewelry line. His career began in law and banking, and he formerly served as a Vice-President for Finance for The Charles Schwab Corporation. In 2003, Brana was inspired to leave the corporate world and begin producing his own handmade fine jewelry. The collection debuted in 2004 and is produced at Brana’s San Francisco studio.

John S Brana Handmade Jewelry

1043 Portola Drive
San Francisco, CA 94127

[email protected]

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A Lesson in Cutting Asteriated Gemstones

Asteriated 29 c Sunstone Copper Bark Ring
Asteriated 29 c Sunstone Copper Bark Ring
Asteriated 29 carat Sunstone Copper Bark Ring

Ruby, sapphire, garnet, moonstone, cat’s eye-beryl, quartz, chrysoberyl, eye tourmaline, eastatite, diopside, even opal in rare instances — they all share that magic irony of turning dense rutile impurities into blazing asterism. Yet despite the fact that a dozen or so such materials occur around the world, that the price of good rough varies from a few pennies per gram to over a thousand dollars a gram, few lapidaries know how to cut asteriated materials and fewer still make a specialty of it.

Cutting and polishing asteriated gems are a challenge. Besides that, it’s sort of a way to bring home a touch of India to the folks who may never get to the Asea.  You don’t find many star rubies and sapphires in the Midwest.  However, anyone trained in the basics of lapidary can start cutting star stones right away, since the only real change is knowing how to choose and orient your rough stone.

Bad material won’t star for all your labor, and even the best material can’t star is oriented improperly.  Patience is key.  Don’t hesitate to spend a lot of time in between steps. Recheck your orientation. Rewash your hands and your stones and your dopstick. Your rough stone is eons old and your finished gem will last for eons more, so take your time with it.

Asteriated Moonstone Cabochon
Asteriated Moonstone Cabochon

The first step is selecting good material. To do that, you should go to a good importer or a lapidary supply that specializes in asteriated materials. Most lapidary supply houses only handle mine run material, for the best grades can cost a king’s ransom. Nevertheless, you don’t have to cut rubies like a pro. Star garnet is inexpensive in the four- ray variety, at least, and even the six-ray garnet is nowhere near as expensive as other materials. Even some quartz will star, though often so faintly that such stones are actually backed with mirror to reflect more light up through the stone and make the star more visible.

To select material, you need a refractive liquid such as Refractol, which is a heavy oil about like Motor Honey or STP. Such motor products would also work, but refractive liquids are more colorless.  Be sure that you examine your rough under strong sunlight or under clear, unfrosted light bulbs. Frosted bulbs or florescent lighting tends to wash out the star and make it impossible to judge tough. Strong sunlight is by far the best. Even in a finished stone, a star that looks bright and distinct under unfrosted light will gain new brightness and sharpness when viewed in sunlight. The rays narrow in sunlight, concentrating to their full brilliance.

So take the rough into the sun and go star hunting amid the crystal axis. To do this, you have to understand how the crystal is made, so just imagine that Corundum is aluminum oxide that grows like a six-sides tree, up and out at the same time, so that if you slice across it, you expose growth rings inside, like the growth rings inside a tree, except of course, that the “rings” aren’t circles. They are hexagons, radiating out from the center like a six-sided target. There is your star, radiating out of that center with six rays that go to the middle of each side. Each of those rays continues straight down one side.

7 carat Asteriated Labradorite Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
7 carat Asteriated Labradorite Hammered Sterling Silver Ring

Now if you cut this crystal like a sphere, you would have two stars, on opposite sides, and the rays would extend down like lines of longitude on a globe, radiating from the poles and touching at the equator. Slice along the equator and you have two star cabochons. Slice each one of these in the same direction, regrind, and you would have more star cabochons. But suppose you cut the other way, taking a slice down the side of the crystal, pole to pole. Then, of course, you would have no star, but only the ray that came down that side of the crystal. Cut it so the ray comes straight down the center of the cabochon, and that is how eat’s eye is made, which looks stunning set in a handmade ring setting.

So now you know how to imagine the orientation of a corundum crystal. If you have a nice six-sided crystal, all you have to do is turn it so that you are looking down on a hexagon and you know that you are looking at one of the ends of the crystal, not at one of the six sides. There in the center of each end will be the center of each star, so it’s there that you’ll put your refractive fluid. That is, if you had a nice six-sided crystal.

But suppose that you’re holding a lump of mine run or massive material that’s so broken or rounded that it doesn’t look like any kind of crystal. This is what you are likely to have, but you can orient it easy enough. First, let’s look at outward appearances.

You have a lump of corundum. If it is any shade of red, it is ruby, and if it is any other color from blue to green or yellow or combinations of those colors, then it is sapphire. They are all the same crystal and star the same, so you begin by trying to figure out where the stars lie. If there are any.

Asterism starring is caused by the density of rutile impurities in the stone. The same impurities that spoil clear rubies and sapphires and turn them into ugly junkite useful only as industrial abrasive, those same impurities can become so concentrated that the optics — and the price — of the stone takes a sudden about face. Enough rutile impurities make stars.

So don’t be surprised if your lump of corundum looks foggy and streaked with rutile, for that’s the stuff that stars are made of. Your problem at this point is trying to determine what part of this lump is the end of the crystal. Here’s how you tell.

As you turn your specimen in the sunshine, you see a faint sheen no more impressive than you might see on a piece of roughed up calcite. On ruby, this satiny sheen will be silver on the sides of the crystal, but more golden on either end of the crystal, where the stars lie. On sapphire, the sheen will be black on sides of the crystal, turning to a lighter silver on the ends. Find an “end” and you find the star.

But sometimes color can’t guide you as neatly as that, so just pick the cleanest surface and try your refractive fluid there. And if that isn’t possible, you may have to grind a little window — anyplace, just pick a place, but remember that you’re grinding away carat weight. Grind a window where you won’t lose much and try the refractive fluid.

The fluid comes out thick like ice cream and it will take a second for the nipple on top of the droplet to settle down into a lens. That lens lasts only for an instant, however, because it continues to flatten, so you only get a glimpse of the star or leg. But fluid is cheaper than rough, so just wipe it off and try it again, and again, and again, if you have to.

Asteriated Peach Moonstone Bronze Ring
Asteriated Peach Moonstone Bronze Ring

If you’re lucky, you may see a star right there. If not, you’ll find only one “leg” or ray of a star, but that’s all right. Just mark the directions of that leg, tracing over it with an aluminum pencil (aluminum welding rod ground to a point makes an excellent instrument for this). Once you know the direction of one leg, you can turn the specimen, following the leg in either direction, and grind another window. In this way you can find where the rays intersect and there is your star. Like the roads around Rome, all rays lead to a star.

It is possible to have a crystal broken in such a way that the star occurs only at the edge, so that into cab can be ground with the star in the center — or you may have to grind a very small cab in order to center the star, but that’s bad luck and there’s nothing you can do about that. Except buy another piece instead. Usually you will have the choice of cutting one very deep cab, or of slicing the crystal so that you get two shallower cabs. And here you have to consider the material. For some reason, ruby seems to star more faintly than sapphire, so rubies should be cut deeper in order to allow the extra stone depth to concentrate the asterism. (By contrast, the star in synthetic stones does not shine up from the stone’s depth, but rather moves only across the surface of the gem. This difference is difficult to see at first unless you have a natural and a Linde stone to compare side by side.)

It is also possible to cut a dome that is too deep to aid a star. If the dome is too high, you can actually cut off the rays of the star and reduce it to a shiny spotlight or irregular patch called a “girasol.” Some rough won’t do anything but girasol no matter how it’s cut, so you have to be careful in your choice.

Now it’s time to dop the stone. If you have a small piece and are going to cut only one cab from it, then pick one of the two crystal ends and grind it flat to use as a base on the dopstick. If you have a longer crystal and want two cabs, you’ll have to slice it in two (remember the equator) and each of those sawed surfaces can then be dopped.

The very best way of dopping these stones is to use a brass dopstick and Epoxy. This makes the strongest bond possible, insures that you won’t have to chase your rough around the room, and is very easy to remove. Just heat the dopstick in a small flame and your stone will fall off. Easy.   So dop your stone with Epoxy and you’re ready to start.

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Ten Great Tips For Buying Fine Jewelry

12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring
12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring

You need have a basic knowledge of jewelry before you engage in the purchase or sale of precious pieces. This can make you wonder where to begin.

Knowing what type of jewel you are buying when you purchase jewelry is very important. There are three different types: natural, synthetic and imitation. While both natural and synthetic stones are still real, imitation is just glass or plastic made to look like the natural stone. Natural stones are found in mines, while synthetic stones are produced by machines.

Make sure that you learn about the jeweler’s insurance policy prior to making any purchases. If you can get insurance, you know that you will be covered if something happens to your jewelry. Some stores even insure jewelry against loss or theft.

Make sure you organize your jewelry properly. Keep pieces separately by using compartments, boxes, hooks and holders. Don’t throw piles into a box. This can damage fragile jewelry, and make it difficult to find the necklace you want because it’s tangled with other pieces.

TIP! Having a good eye to catch the details, and a magnet, are key when you are considering the purchase of any type of sterling silver jewelry. Precious metals, like sterling silver, will not be attracted to the magnet.
12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring
12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring – Side View

If you are interested in collecting costume jewelry, be sure to stay conscious of the condition. This type of jewelry can be extremely expensive and makes an incredible investment. However, this type of piece can have a lot of wear and tear, which wouldn’t be worth your money or time. An item in good condition holds its value better in the long run.

When you are buying new jewelry, think about the stones you want to get. Try to select stones that are an extension of your individuality and that enhance the tone of your skin. Choosing neutral colors can help them match anything you wear. As long as you’re spending money, it makes more sense to purchase something that is functional as well as beautiful.

Costume Jewelry

When you purchase jewelery ensure you know what you are buying. Gemstones now come in natural as well as synthetic and imitation types. Natural and synthetic gems are real stones, but imitation is just plastic colored to look like the real thing. A natural stone is mined from the earth, and a synthetic is a lab-created gem.


Costume jewelry has different, specific care requirements. Costume jewelry is generally bound by glue rather than settings and is therefore, a lot more fragile. Don’t submerge costume jewelry in water or clean it with abrasives. The best way to care for your jewelry is to use one damp cloth to wipe it followed by a dry one to dry it. Done regularly, this process will keep your costume jewelry looking great.

Investigate your gemstone to determine if it has been treated before you purchase it, and what type of treatment it had. Different care is required for different treatments. You don’t want to clean them with a type of solution that could strip the treatment or damage the gem.

Buy jewelry on sale whenever possible. Jewelry sales offer big savings. You will find advertisements for the sales in a variety of media mediums including on the net, in newspapers, and also in the stores themselves. Consider buying something that is out of style to get a better deal.

Keep your jewelry from getting tarnished to preserve its best appearance. Remove your jewelry if you plan on spending time in or near water. Many metals can become tarnished, rusty or dull when exposed to water too often. Clear nail polish, applied in a thin coat, can give jewelry some added protection.

TIP! Going through a day wearing the jewelry will let you get familiar with how it hangs and whether or not it will be comfortable. You will also find out if your creation is durable enough.
12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring - Top
12 CT Bronze Rutilated Quartz Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring – Top

If you are trying to sell jewelry online, it is important to post ample photographs from many angles so that each piece is presented in a pleasing and accurate way. As the potential buyer cannot physically touch the piece, this is important so that the jewelry is presented in its best light. Take professional-looking pictures of your pieces and let people know you can send more pictures upon request.

You can have a more beautiful diamond if it is cut correctly, as opposed to a diamond of a bigger size. Also, bear in mind the style of the intended recipient.

This applies to dry and steam-filled saunas. The high heat and humidity in these areas can significantly damage your jewelry.

Taking proper care of your jewelry requires careful consideration. Take into account that different types of material takes different types of care, like stones and metals. What is beneficial to one stone or setting may hurt another. Ask a jeweler when you do not know how to take care of your jewelry.

TIP! See if your gem has had any treatments prior to buying, and if so, which treatments. You will have to treat different gemstones with different kinds of care.

To keep your necklaces tangle-free, look for pretty, embellished robe hooks. Install the hooks in a row on a wall or closet door, and use them to organize your necklaces by style, color, length or any other system that works for you. This organizational tip can help you from getting a tangled mess of necklaces in your jewelry box.

If you are considering a fine piece of real gold jewelry, you should be prepared to pay a high price. If nothing else but gold will do, then you can save a little by buying fewer karats. Gold that is deemed 18 karats contains at least 75 percent pure gold, and many consider this to be the best quality and value for the price.

Learning how to make informed decisions on the buying and selling of jewelry takes time and effort. Keep all the tips fresh in your mind, and you will find success.

It is possible to remove the knots from jewelry that has become tangled. Instead of giving up a knotted chain as hopeless, try using plastic wrap and some clear oil. Place your jewelry on the plastic wrap and add a little baby oil. Untangle it with some needles. Once it’s untangled, use dish soap to wash the necklace and pat it dry.

TIP! Think about the outfits you will wear it with when you buy a piece of jewelry. There is no need to purchase a large amount of jewelry that you never plan on wearing.
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Sparkle And Shine With These Jewelry Tips

9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring
9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring

Have you been thinking about venturing into the world of jewelry? Whether you want to purchase jewelry for yourself or for a friend, the following tips will certainly help you pick something out.

Don’t use harsh chemicals like turpentine or bleach to clean jewelry. This can cause your stones to turn and dull in color, along with eating away any enamel on the pieces.

You should always store your jewelry very carefully. You should keep the pieces separate in compartments, boxes, holders, and on hooks for better storage. Do not just throw them into piles in a box. This does damage to jewelry pieces, which are often fragile. Necklaces lumped together can get tangled up into a knotted ball.

9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring - Top
9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring – Top

Avoid using harmful substances like bleach, ammonia, acetone, turpentine and the like to clean them. Chemicals can eat away the stones or enamel on your stones.

TIP! Take care when you are storing your jewelry in the same place. Use a box that has several different compartments and hooks to keep your pieces apart.

Precious Metals

Jewelry should be stored in an air-tight and humid free area. Ideally, you should keep them in drawstring bags or in a jewelry box. Humidity and air tends to cause precious and non-precious metals to tarnish. Precious metals can often be polished to remove most tarnish. Non-precious metals often have a single coat of metal. Therefore, polishing them can remove the coat and show the copper that is found underneath.

9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring - Side View
9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring – Side View

When shopping for genuine sterling silver jewelry, you need both a discerning eye and a small magnet. If the piece you are examining is not silver and is made from non-precious metal, it will be attracted to the magnet. In addition, sterling silver pieces are always stamped with silver hallmarks indicating such factors as the degree of purity, the manufacturer’s symbol, and the date of manufacture. Some of the most common hallmarks are “925, “ster,” “sterling,” and “sterling silver.” If you don’t see such a mark, you might want to reconsider the purchase. This is usually an indication that the piece is fake.

Jewelry should be a purchase that truly lasts a lifetime. When purchasing your next jewelry item, focus on buying a quality, well-made piece. If a piece of jewelry is of high quality, it should be made well and exhibit top-flight craftsmanship. The jeweler should be able to give you a history on the piece, like who crafted it and where the stones came from if there are any. You’ll create an heirloom tomorrow if you choose high-quality jewelry today.

TIP! Do some price comparisons before you commit to buying a piece of diamond jewelry. Look at what you like close up, and compare them to other pieces you have seen.

Notice what type of earrings they are wearing, including the shape and metal. Doing so can help to find the most special piece for the recipient.

Now that you know more about jewelry, you will be able to make wise design and color decisions. Any quality jewelry piece will be an investment for the years ahead.

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Simplify Jewelry Shopping With These Quick Tips

The thought behind jewelry can be as beautiful as the actual piece. Milestones and major life events are often celebrated with jewelry, creating an unforgettable memory for both the giver and the recipient. This article will teach you about jewelry, helping you to appreciate not only selling pieces, but purchasing them as well.

12 CT Marquise Cut Bronze Rutilated Quartz Ring
12 CT Marquise Cut Bronze Rutilated Quartz Ring

You can keep the jewelry in your collection sparkling by using a special polishing cloth. This will give your jewelry shine and luster without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. To clean your jewelry, obtain a soft two-sided cloth and gently rub in a circular motion. First you should use the polish side, then use the shining side to really make your jewelry look stunning!

Before you select your newest addition to your jewelry collection, learn the latest styles that are trending. One of the few things that can enhance the appeal of a lovely piece of jewelry is knowing that it came at a great discount!

Some precious metals and gems need to be kept away from moisture and humidity. To keep your jewelry properly protected, store it in a drawstring bag or jewelry box. Humidity and air tends to cause precious and non-precious metals to tarnish. Precious metals can often be polished to remove most tarnish. Non-precious metals often have a single coat of metal. Therefore, polishing them can remove the coat and show the copper that is found underneath.

TIP! Your jewelry should be durable and long-lasting. When buying jewelry, only buy from dealers with good reputations, so that you don’t buy a piece that seems durable, but really isn’t.
12 CT Marquise Cut Bronze Rutilated Quartz Ring - Top
12 CT Marquise Cut Bronze Rutilated Quartz Ring – Top

If you can prevent your jewelry from tarnishing, it will surely look much more attractive. Don’t wear jewelry near water. Water exposure can cause different metals to become tarnished, dull or rusted. Clear nail polish, applied in a thin coat, can give jewelry some added protection.

Research the proper methods for cleaning your jewelry. You should know that different materials require different maintenance. What works for one material could damage another. Your jeweler can give you instructions on proper handling if you are not sure.

If you are buying jewelry for someone who values her individuality, find a one-of-a-kind piece or commission a piece designed specifically for her. A one-of-a-kind jewelry piece is a great way to show someone how much they mean to you.

Make sure you check into insurance policies when you make a jewelry purchase from a jeweler. If your jewelry gets damaged or broken, you can come back to the store and have it repaired or replaced. Sometimes you can even get replacement coverage for loss or theft.

TIP! Prevent your jewelry from tarnishing so that it keeps looking great. If possible, remove your jewelry if you are around water.

If you put on your jewelry only after you have put on your makeup, you will have to clean it less. Makeup can gravitate dust and grime towards your jewelry leaving it to look dull. This is even more necessary for earrings and necklaces.

Shop the sales to get great jewelry on a budget. You can save huge amounts of money if you are savvy. Go through magazines and websites to find the best deals. Buying styles that are going out of fashion can be a huge money saver, even getting up to 50% off.

The size of the diamond is not always the most critical detail, the cut and clarity are important also. Also, bear in mind the style of the intended recipient.

You should ensure the quality of the pieces of costume jewelry that you purchase for your collection. Costume jewelry is pricey and can retain its value in many cases, but pieces that are damaged aren’t worth much and aren’t worth the time to restore. Pieces that are in great shape will fetch you better prices down the road, should you choose to sell them.

TIP! Do some research on the best way to clean your particular piece of jewelry. Take into account that different types of material takes different types of care, like stones and metals.

This includes both dry and steam saunas. Significant damage can occur to the piece because of the high moisture and high temperatures.

When buying diamonds, remember to shop around. Every diamond is unique and possesses particular flaws. When you see the diamond yourself, you may find certain flaws not to be that important. A jeweler will individually price the diamond based on a multitude of factors, any flaws being one of them. It is important to look at various options to ensure you get the best quality diamond for the amount of money you can comfortably afford.

A good clasp is important for any form of bracelet or necklace. If your jewelry items have unreliable clasps, your gemstones are in constant jeopardy. You can purchase a safety clasp to secure expensive pieces of jewelry. You might even want to add an extra clasp on your jewelery for added protection.

Take good care of your costume jewelry. Costume jewelry is generally bound by glue rather than settings and is therefore, a lot more fragile. Don’t immerse costume jewelry in water or use chemicals on it. The most effective way to safely clean them is wiping with a damp cloth, then drying with a different, soft cloth. This keeps costume jewelry looking its best.

TIP! If there are knots in your necklaces, you can easily untangle them. Do not give up, but instead get a piece of plastic wrap.

Use attractive robe hooks to hang your necklaces, keeping them tangle-free. Install the hooks in a row on a wall or closet door, and use them to organize your necklaces by style, color, length or any other system that works for you. This organizational tip can help you from getting a tangled mess of necklaces in your jewelry box.

When you are purchasing expensive jewelry, you should remind yourself that this is an investment that you will want to wear for many years. You should be getting a quality item because of the price, but make sure you select something that will not go out of style. Very often pieces that are currently trendy wind up looking foolish later. Stick to pieces that have stood the test of time.

To invest in jewelry is to invest in a memory, and that is a truly priceless pursuit. Perhaps it symbolizes great memories from the past or even great times to come; jewelry is always emotional.

When you want to buy something nice for someone, think about getting them a jewelery set. The larger jewelry stores will often give discounts on an entire set of jewelry. Give away one piece at a time to different people throughout the years. It will not only ensure you will always have a gift ready, it will also show the person that you care a lot about them.

TIP! Any piece of jewelry that wraps around and attaches, such as a necklace or a bracelet, absolutely must have a quality clasp. It is very easy for jewelry to be accidentally lost due to a cheap clasp collapsing and giving way.
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Jewelry Tips To Care For Your Precious Gems

16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring
16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring

Knowing what jewelry to buy and how to take care of it isn’t something everyone just knows without doing research. Of course not all the jewelry information out there will be relevant to you. The good news is that some of the best advice has been provided for you in this article.

Don’t keep your jewelry in open air or someplace with a lot of humidity. For maximum protection you can choose to store them inside of a small drawstring or a closed jewelry box. Air and humidity can tarnish metals of all types. It is possible to restore precious metals to their previous state, but it’s better to avoid damaging them in the first place.

Quality Jewelry

Use a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry clean and free from damage. In this way, you will not have to deal with chemicals or solvents while you achieve the shine you love. Use the two-sided cloth to polish your jewelry as if you were cleaning glass. Use the side of the cloth that is designed for polishing to remove fingerprints, dust and other surface imperfections, and then use the opposite side to buff the jewelry and make it gleam.

TIP! Before you buy any new jewelry, you should look around for the latest trends. You will enjoy your jewelery even more if you can get it on sale.
16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring- Top
16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring- Top

Quality jewelry should stay beautiful forever. Go to a dealer you can trust to make sure you get a quality item at a fair price. Any piece that is high quality will have its craftsmanship and quality shining through. The jeweler should tell you about who made the piece and the origin of the stones. You’ll create an heirloom tomorrow if you choose high-quality jewelry today.

Ask the jeweler what type of insurance is available for your purchase. That way, if something were to happen to your jewelry, you can easily bring it back to the jeweler who will fix or replace it. Some jewelers will offer insurance on jewelry that might have been stolen or lost.

Keep your jewelry from getting tarnished to preserve its best appearance. When you are close to water, do not wear your jewelry. Lots of jewelry materials are dulled or tarnished by water exposure. A very light coating of clear nail varnish can be applied to some jewelry, and this will add an additional line of protection against the elements.

Always check with your jeweler about insurance policy options before buying anything. If something happens to your piece, you’ll know you can take it to the jeweler you bought it from, who will repair it or replace the piece. Some jewelers have insurance policies that cover lost of stolen jewelry, also.

TIP! Make careful note of the condition of costume jewelry you wish to collect. Costume jewelry is pricey and can retain its value in many cases, but pieces that are damaged aren’t worth much and aren’t worth the time to restore.

Costume Jewelry

Look at the condition of costume jewelry before making a purchase. Costume jewelry is pricey and can retain its value in many cases, but pieces that are damaged aren’t worth much and aren’t worth the time to restore. Jewelry that’s in good repair can be a much better investment.

It is a good idea to determine the best approaches for jewelry care. Different kinds of jewelery will require you take care of them in different ways. A technique that is effective for one type of stone or metal may actually cause damage to another. Talk with a professional if you aren’t sure what sort of care each jewel requires.

Wearing the jewelry yourself can help you decide if it will be appropriate for your intended recipient. It will also allow you to test the piece’s durability.

TIP! You will need to take special care when you are buying costume jewelery! Costume settings are often glued-in as compared to set-in. For this reason, costume jewelry should never touch water, and you should avoid using detergents on it.
16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring - Side
16ct Rutilated Gold Quartz Sterling Silver Ring – Side

Costume jewelry needs special care. A lot of the stones in costume jewelery are glued in and not set in. You want to avoid using strong chemicals or immersion baths on your costume jewelry. For best results, use a warmed, damp cloth to wipe your jewelry and then use another cloth to dry it. This will ensure that all of your costume jewelry looks like it did the day you bought it.

Apply your makeup and let it set before putting on jewelry. Any kind of spare dust or oil will attach itself to your jewelry, so putting it on before makeup will just make it look a little dirty. Earrings and necklaces are the prominent pieces affected by this.

If your gemstone was treated, you should know about it before you purchase it. The type of care required will differ depending on the kind of treatment. For example, you should avoid cleaning a gem that has been treated with a certain solution that could peel off the treatment because this could harm the gem.

To maintain the shine and finish on your jewelry, do not put it on until you’ve done your hair and makeup. Your jewelry attracts dust and particles from cosmetics; if you apply makeup after you put on your jewelry, the particles will make it look dull. This is extra important when you are cleaning necklaces or earrings.

TIP! Before you purchase a new piece of fine jewelry, think about how you will wear it. You don’t need a box full of unused jewelry.

Think about the outfits you will wear it with when you buy a piece of jewelry. You do not need a huge box of jewelry you will never wear. Take time to consider the type of clothing styles and outfits you plan on wearing with your jewelry purchase.

This includes steam and dry saunas. Sweat, heat and water, can all damage jewelry. Even if permanent damage does not occur, wearing your jewelry during these activities increases the need to clean it.

Make sure that you increase your knowledge base with regards to jewelry. With the information provided here, you’ll be able to spend more time putting the tips into action rather than searching for information. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind to enjoy success in jewelry expertise.

The cut of the diamond and its clarity can be more appealing than its size. You must think of the person who will be wearing the jewelry.

TIP! An important part of your necklace or bracelet is having a quality clasp. If your jewelry items have unreliable clasps, your gemstones are in constant jeopardy.
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